Item no. 1400.100


  • Henro-Plate can be used by children or adults.
  • Henro-Plate has a high back and a low front, which gives a sloped design.
  • The sloped design allows the food to slide down to one side, and thus making eating with one hand possible.
  • Henro-Plate is delivered with small rubber feet, that can be attached on the bottom. This way Henro-plate will stand firmly on the table.
  • Since the Henro-Plate is microwave safe, food can be heated directly on the plate
  • Henro-Plate has a utility temerature between 0-100°C



  • Henro-Plate is dishwasher and microwave safe


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  • Made in PP with 30% minerals
  • Weight: 198g
  • Length: 28 cm
  • Width: 19,5 cm
  • Available in white with 16 small black rubber feet to attach on the bottom
  • Design by: