about Henro-Tek

Henro-Tek was founded in 1983 by Robert Frænell. The company develops and manufactures
articles in thermoplastic for the health sector. The production is situated in Espergaerde, north of Copenhagen.

All products are CE marked, made in Denmark and dishwasher safe.
The products are distributed through professional wholesalers in Denmark and abroad.

The company might not be the biggest, but an efficient and effective organization
secures a fast and accurate handling of all orders.

Currently, our product range contains five different lines, but it is constantly extended.


Handycup® is an ergonomic drinking mug designed for handicapped or bedridden children and adults.
The oblique design combined with its big handles enables easy drinking for all users.
Henro-Grip® is a cutlery for handicapped children and adults. It is developped in cooperation
with occupationel therapists and designed to make life easier for
people with weak muscle control in the eating situation.
Henro-Card is a cardholder for people with reduced strength in hands or fingers.
It has a curved shape which gives a qucik overview of the cards.

Uni-Dos is a system to dose medicine, that can be used by anyone needing to take a number of pills on a daily basis.
The system is designed to ensure users or nursing personnel that an acurrate amount of pills has been taken.

The drainbagholders are produced in a special Polyamid 6, a strong and very ductile plastic material.
The drainbagholders fit with all types of drainbags, and is availabe for round and square bedposts.


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Brochure 2018



  • Cup for disabled
  • Cutlery for disabled
  • Card holder
  • Pill dispenser
  • Drainbag holder