• Handycup® is an ergonomic cup developped for adults and children with coordination problems or reduced strength.
  • Handycup® has an oblique form that enables drinking without bowing the neck. This means that you can use the cup even if you are bedridden or suffering from cerebral paralysis and unable to bow the neck.
  • Handycup® has large handles with plenty of room for holding the cup.
  • Handycup® has a wide base that stabilises the cup when it is put on the table. Thus many spilling accidents are avoided.
  • Handycup® is transparent so that liquid contents are visible.
  • Handycup® is household dishwasher- and microwave safe.


Handycup® Institution

  • Handycup® Institution has been especially developped to meet inquiries from several institutions.
  • Handycup® Institution can be washed at 80ºC for 3 minutes in industrial dishwashers. 
  • Handycup® Institution is available in clear copolyester with ml print, making it easy for nursing personnel to check how much liquid the user has drunk.



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Specifications Handycup

Specifications Handycup Institution

How to put the LID on the Handycup, so that the liquid does not run out